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We understand the needs of our customers
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Our Vision
Our vision is to become a global leader of high quality ingredients procured from around the world to manufacturers, marketers and formulators in the dietary supplement, sports nutrition, animal nutrition, food, beverage and cosmetic industries.
Our Mission
Our mission drives the purpose for our existence and establishes the standard for our operation.
  1. To provide high quality ingredients that is safe, environmentally friendly and cost effective
  2. To streamline the ordering process through technology, key distribution points and customized services
  3. To collaborate with customers and partners to foster innovation, provide value and make a difference
Our Values
Our values defines the elements and approach that we believe will drive our success and makes us a responsible entity of the industry and society.
  1. Quality - It's important that the products we provide meets our high standard of quality. This ensure that it is safe for the consumers that use it and that it is consistent when used in production.
  2. Integrity - We believe in treating everyone with fairness and with respect. We follow the highest ethical standards and will stand by our commitments.
  3. Diversity - We encourage a work environment that brings together a team with members of varying degrees of skills, strength and perspectives, who as a whole builds the foundation for the future of the company and what we believe in.
  4. Customer Satisfaction - Our customers are the reason we exist and it is our ultimate goal to exceed our customer's expectations on every interaction we have with them. We want to provide our customers with fast and efficient service in a competent and enthusiastic fashion.
  5. Collaboration - Success comes with working together with customers, partners and team members. This helps to create a synergic effect that can bring about ideas, change and improvements.
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